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TaiZhou MotionTuner Mechanical & Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province. Taizhou is a molybdenum wire-cut manufacturer in the world's most concentrated city, world 90% of the molybdenum wire cutting machine made in Taizhou. Members of the MoionTuner family from 1991 in wire-cut design work, went on to become the largest wire cut control cabinet agent in China, is currently committed to become the largest and most professional wire cut EDM export traders. Based on most of our family members working in the field of EDM for many years, we thoroughly understand each manufacturer's product features. We have selected the best from hundreds of manufacturers of more than 10 manufacturers for our supply partners, and very competitive prices, product sales and service all over the world.

There are THREE SERVICES for our customers:
1, Whole Chinese journey accompanied the factory audit service.
2, One year warranty,
3, Free lifetime consulting service.

MotionTuner would like to have the opportunity to show you and your company our quality products and professional service.

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Email: info@motiontuner.net

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