Mult-Cut Wire Cut EDM Machine

  • Molybdenum sero motor medium speed EDM
Molybdenum sero motor medium speed EDM

Molybdenum sero motor medium speed EDM

  • medium speed EDM
  • sero motor EDM
  • Molybdenum EDM
  • sero motor medium speed EDM
  • Product description: Molybdenum sero motor medium speed EDM


  ① SINO DRO Ruler           ② 750W of Panasonic Servo Motor         ③ HIWIN Linear Guide

  ④ Industrial Computer       ⑤ High pressure Water Tank                 ⑥ HIWIN Ball Screw





DK7740SA DK7750SA
Work table travel


400*320 500*400 630*500

Work table dimensions

mm 690*320 800*600 900*760
Maximun load capacity KG 500 500 700
Machine dimensions mm 1500*1100*2100 1750*1200*2100 2000*1400*2200
Maximum cutting thickness mm 300 300 300
Maximum cutting taper mm ±3°\80mm ±3°-±30°\80mm ±3°-±30°\80mm
Effciency mm² 130mm²/min 130mm²/min 130mm²/min
Accuracy μm 6 6 6
Surface Finish μm 0.9 0.9 0.9
Supply Voltage V 50HZ\380 ±10% 50HZ\380 ±10% 50HZ\380 ±10%


      Stepper motor or Servo motor



CNC cutting machine features:

  1. T Shape machine-tool, ensures the translation of X- and Y- axes does not exceed the range of the base, especially when customers are working on some heavy pieces. It can protect the machine from out of shape on the carriage to the Limit.
  2. The major axis is on the lower side. This lower gravity helps stability.
  3. The wire uses the rectilinear orbit from foreign countries. The long skip distance ensures the stability and service life of the machine.
  4. The itinerary distance of Z-axis can reach 300mm.
  5. The wire tube uses the chrome materials with a high wear resistance.
  6. Oil gallery and recirculating cooling water system are separated. The wasted oil made by the machine can discharge out at an individual oil tank, which avoid discharging out at the tank for emulsified mixture, thus avoid pollution.
  7. All the machine-tools use the high precision guide wheel application, which increases the accuracy of cutting.
  8. It applies beak less soft reversing, which prolongs the service life of reversing key.
  9. The wire uses synchronous gearwheel belt, with lower noise, smaller oscillation and longer life.
  10. .All the machine-tools use the laser interferometer to test the accuracy. (Reni shaw Laser Test System from the great Britain).
  11. Installing gems water faucets.



1,Intelligent control system.The man-machine dialogue menu in English, only need to input the parameters of cutting height, processing requirement, molybdenum wire diameter, the system will automatically generate data, without artificial selection.
2,Great surface finish. It has 2—4 times multiple cutting function, comparable to low speed wire cut machine, surface finish can reach 0.8um.
3,High efficiency. Using high-power, high-frequency, three times function efficiency can reach 6000mm2/H. The cutting workpiece thickness can reach 300mm.
4, Stability. Using Schneider low voltage apparatus, Bosch inverter and the double CPU design of motherboard,greatly reduce the failure rate.
5,Ultra-low wire loss.Using unique patent technology design of adaptive discharge pause power,the efficiency is greatly increased, molybdenum wire loss is decreased obviously.
6,Super luxury. Using special industrial computer.
7,Control software. HF, AUTOCUT
8,Way of control. Support the stepper motor, hybrid motor and ac servo motor.





Guarantee  and after-sale service:

one year guarantee for whole machine except wearing parts

24 hours technical support by e-mail

calling or door-to-door service

ues-friendly english software,user manual and detailed videos/CD

If you're interested in our products, please feel free to contact with us and we would love to offer you our best price and smooth video could be supplied for evaluation.

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