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  • Highly Active CNC 703Z Drill Machine
Highly Active CNC 703Z Drill Machine

Highly Active CNC 703Z Drill Machine

  • Drill Machine
  • 703Z Drill Machine
  • Highly Active Drill Machine
  • CNC 703Z machine
  • Product description: Highly Active CNC 703Z Drill Machine




Hole Drilling EDM --Features:

·DX703 series machine is suitable for the processing of stainless steel, hardened steel,  hardness of the alloy of copper, aluminum and other conductive materials
·DX703Z support Depth-Control Function and Z axis digital read out
·Drilling diameter from 0.2mm to 3mm. 
·The maximum depth ratio could be 300:1. Precision (hole straightness) is less than  0.04mm
·DX703P has lifting motor
·Can drill on oblique and curved surface directly

·Processing speed reach to 60 mm per minute

·Can use water as coolant, low cost and no pollution

·X, Y axis is equipped with digital display device.


Fully automatic machine with professional setting, which ensures that every machine is of good quality.

Every machine is strictly inspected before delivery.

Reasonable layout and line circuit, which minimizes all the disturbance.

The surface of all the circuit board is plated for corrosion resistance, which ensures the stability under worse conditions.

Customized voltage change can continuously carry the stable current.

Prevention devices against the thunder strike can avoid the damage caused by nature to the limit.





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